Rental Contract

1. Vehicle gears and fuel characteristics, age and drivers license age limit, provision fee and mileage limits are given below. The Brave Tours offers the same vehicle as the car it shows, or the customer on fuel, gear and segment basis.

2. The tenant must comply with the laws governing the regulation of highways. The tenant is responsible for the costs (penalty, vehicle connection, vehicle withdrawal etc.) in case of criminal proceedings due to the use of vehicles contrary to laws and regulations.

3. The tenant is responsible for the criminal proceedings to be applied in the event of accidents caused by acts contrary to the traffic rules of the roads (traffic fines, costs incurred due to the connection of the rental vehicle and withdrawal of the vehicle and any other costs incurred as a result of the accident).

4. Rent is at least 1 day (24 hours). For shorter leases, the daily price is applied. On the day of rental, 24 hours will be charged for 2 hours, and full day fee will be charged.

5. At the beginning of the rental, drivers are required to present their drivers license and credit cards available. There is a dual credit card requirement in the upper group vehicles.

6. Payments and provision are made at the beginning of the rental by a valid credit card (Visa, Master, Amex) and physical or virtual POS system. The credit card used must be open to the mail order collection system.

7. Cancellation / refund and amendment conditions;

If you tell us your cancellation date on the date you made the reservation, all the amount you have paid will be refunded. Our other refund application in your cancellation requests is as follows;
- If your rental time is less than 24 hours, or if the car is not canceled without a cancellation, a 3 day rental fee is refunded after deduction. If your reservation is less than 3 days, no refund can be made.
- If there is more than 24 hours of your rental time, you will receive a refund after deduction of 50 TL. Please contact our reservation center for your change requests.

8. At the beginning of the lease, the temporary blockage is applied in the amount varying according to the vehicle group in the nature of the tenants credit card guarantee. The amounts to be blocked are indicated in the tabled provision charge above. If the rental period is over 1 month, the blocked amount is up to the monthly rental fee. The tenant is responsible for the extra rent days, fuel surplus, damage, traffic fines, etc. he / she agrees in advance that he / she will not object to the collection of the rent-related fees. In case of traffic fines, 20% (twenty percent) + VAT will be charged for each transaction up to a maximum of TL 100 for the service fee. On vehicles, HGS (Fast Transit System) will provide the attendance fee with the addition of 18% service fee on the price that the tenant transfers the rental turn. Tenants using the OGS (Automatic Transit System) are obliged to pay for transit passageways.

9. If the tenant requests, the Mini Damage Insurance is also sold with the price determined for the relevant date on a daily basis. The Mini Damage Insur- ance covers the material damage (except for tire, glass, headlamp damage) as much as the determined price in the vehicle, without the need for a police statement or written statement of the customer.

10. In case of damage and / or breakdown of the leased vehicle, the tenant is responsible for the transportation of the vehicle to the authorized service center in such a way as not to increase the safety and damage. If the vehicle does not receive support from the Brave Tours offices during the delivery of the service, the tenant will pay the attractive cost.

11. The tenant will return and deliver the vehicle to the Brave Tours office in the city or other place where the vehicle is rented, on the date specified on the date of the original rental, at an earlier time upon request of the lessor.

11. At the request of the lessor, the payer is responsible for paying:
a. (The amount of the distance traveled by the vehicle is determined by reading the kilometer clock the manufacturer has put in.) If the mileage clock is broken, the mileage of the mileage-paid journey will be calculated according to the distance in the map calculated)
b. Insurance fees and other charges, on the basis of the amounts agreed and agreed upon in the lease agreement,
c. In the event that the vehicle is left in a different state of affairs, the one way fare determined by the Lessor,
d. Value added tax and other taxable liabilities,
to. The costs incurred due to parking, traffic laws or any other monetary penalties arising from infringement of the law, court costs and connection of the vehicle, and the days due to the absence of the vehicle from the car, within the tenancy of the tenant,
f. The costs incurred due to the repair of any damage to the vehicle due to collision or tipping, the expenses of the lessor and the material and moral damages for which the third party is liable to pay are to be paid by the Tenant. However, the tenant can benefit from the vehicle insurance by signing the relevant Accept hane on the lease agreement and registering to pay the insurance premium exemption premium in advance, by using the vehicle in accordance with all the conditions included in the agreement and completing the transactions.
g. In order for a person other than the lessor to use the car, valid identification and drivers license information must be entered into the contract at the beginning of the rental and paid for additional daily driver fees. Failure to comply with this rule will result in invalidation of the insurances received and the person using the tenant will be held liable for all damages,
h. At the end of the rental, the fuels of the vehicles that will arrive with missing fuel will be completed in the Brave tours offices and the tenant will pay the service fee with VAT and 30% service fee to be added on the fuel amount. If the traffic fines related to the rent period are not paid by the tenants at the end of the rental, the rent will be paid. The traffic fines which can not be determined at the end of the lease and which will be coming later, will be collected from the credit card with the consent of the tenant at the beginning of the lease, and a service fee of 20 (twenty) TL will be applied for each transaction.
I. For delivery and pickup in the cities where Brave Tours offices are not available, the distance to the nearest Brave Tours office is the distance specified by the Lesser. per person. If the vehicle is delivered to another Brave tours office from the rented city, a one way fare will be charged,
j. The expenses that the lessor makes during the training of the payments that must be made in accordance with the tenancy agreement,
k. In payments made by credit card, the tenant can not object to filling and collecting credit card slips taken as a deposit by the lessor in accordance with the lease contracts,

12. The tenant agrees to cover the liability for damages and the expenses thereunder without objection, even though the tenant has accepted the Standard Insurance coverage and the Mini Damage Insurance applied by Brave Tours under the following conditions,
a. If you are under the influence of alcohol and / or drugs during the accident,
b. In the event that the tenant is sourced from a unilateral fault (if similar records are provided, including, but not limited to, not adapting / using the speeds of the vehicles to air, road, views, specifications and traffic conditions)
c. If the legal speed limit is exceeded and the accident identification form indicates that the accident has occurred due to speed,
d. In the event that the accident report is not arranged in one-sided accidents, the statement is filled in a double-sided accident, and the alcohol report is not taken, to. In deliberate accidents,
f. Vehicle handling with high revs. damage caused by carelessness and intent,
g. In the event of improper or illegal use of fuel,
h. As a result of the tire burst, if there is damage due to riding on the rim,
I. In case of using vehicles contrary to the traffic laws,
j. In the event of the use of drivers license in violation of traffic laws,
k. In the event of an accident involving persons other than those specified in the tenancy agreement,
l. Association of Insurance and Reinsurance Companies of Turkey; in the case that the insurance companies are not paying the insurance fee,
m. The tenant is liable to pay the damage claims that have occurred in the upper part of the vehicle (in case of collision with bridge, balcony, branches etc.), even if it has taken traffic insurance and damage guarantees.
n. 3. Material damages to persons and to passengers in the vehicle are limited to the compulsory traffic insurance limits of the treatment costs, and all responsibilities and liabilities, including non-pecuniary damages, are solely owned by the tenant.

13. The payer shall pay the determined fee during the delivery of the vehicle and the subsequent c14.The vehicle will not be used in the following ways:
a. Passenger / freight transport for an open or hidden income,
b. b. The withdrawal / pushing action of any means,
c. In the event of the transfer, possession or other illegal acts of material contrary to customs legislation and other laws,
d. Alcohol (including the use of alcohol under the legal limit stated in the Law - eg between 0-30 pm) and / or under the influence of drugs, to. In motor sports (race, speed, rally, stability, speed test etc.)
f. In closed or inappropriate way,
g. Transport of cargo / goods in excess of the load line, which would damage the car
h. The transport of more than the capacity of the vehicle,
I. The use of the roads (marshland, terrain, creek bed etc.) and situations which are not suitable for the technical properties and tolerances of the vehicles,
j. Use of the vehicle by someone other than the tenant (for those outside the tenant, there is a pre-registration condition as an additional driver, with the person responsible for using the vehicle,
k. Outside the country borders,
l. Apart from the legal speed limits,

15. The repair costs of damages caused by the loss of the rules specified in the Leasing Agreement, all costs incurred by accident and compensation are paid by the lessee.

16. In the event of damage to the tenant, the tenant is also liable to damage tracking at a rate of 5% of the damage.

17. When the car is not used by the tenant, the tenant is obliged to take precautions against possible accidents or thefts. The tenant has to park the vehicle in a secure place, with the door being locked in the nature of the measure, the license not to be left in the vehicle, and the vehicle to be parked securely. If the vehicle is stolen, it must be registered within 24 hours to the nearest Brave Tours office to prove that the vehicle has informed the relevant security units about the key and the license. The tenant agrees to pay the vehicle price and other damages in the event of the vehicle being stolen based on the failure to take the betting measures and / or the excess.

18. In the case of the carriage of goods or passengers by the vehicle, the tenant shall be exclusively responsible for any damage or damage which may be caused to the carried goods or passengers.osts by credit card at the end of the rental period.

19. In the event of an accident in the event of material, mortal, or catastrophic damage, the tenant must immediately notify the nearest police officers or relevant units, and transmit the minutes and reports to the relevant Brave Tours office within 24 hours.

21. Tenant or any authorized driver mentioned in item 12-g above shall be insured by traffic insurance policy. The injured third party shall be liable for the damages that the insurance companies may receive within the limits of the contractual liability of the contractual liability insurance. All material and moral damages and legal liability above this amount belongs to the tenant and the tenant is entitled to the right of refusal. The tenant will also take the following measures to protect the interests of the lessor and the lessor of the insurance company in the event of an accident within the term of the lease:
a. To obtain names and addresses of interested parties and witnesses.
b. Do not accept the crime unless the liability or the crime is fixed,
c. Not to leave the vehicle without adequate security precautions,
D. To call the nearest Brave Tours office in case of any accident or damage, to complete the accident report of the lessor including the necessary chart, to. If someone else needs the detection of a criminal, or if it is injured or dead, immediately notify the nearest police.

22. The payer shall be insured under the terms and conditions of the individual accident insurance policy concluded by the lessor with his insurance company and with the payment of the amount of payment stipulated by signing the front page.

23. In the event of any damage to the insurance company, the tenant is obliged to complete and deliver the documents and procedures. The rental contract will continue to operate at the daily rental price until the documents and procedures are completed.

24.When the holder receives the vehicle back from the tenant, he is not responsible for the objects and items left in the vehicle.

25. The periodical maintenance of the vehicle within the rental period is obligatory in accordance with the instruction manual in the car. In case of the receipt of bills belonging to the operations to be performed within the knowledge of Brave Tours in the authorized services, the price will be deducted from the borrowers debts and the remaining tenants will be paid.

26. If the car malfunctions, the lessor will park the car immediately and inform the nearest Brave Tours office. Repair costs are only accepted if the Brave Tours offices have given prior permission.

On the end of the 27th period of the lease the tenant will not extend unilaterally for the duration of the lease. If the tenant is willing to extend the rental period, the rental period may be extended with the written approval of the lessee, or the tenant will give consent to the new vehicle. If the Leaseholder does not approve the request for extension of the lease term and, at any given time, the rental period specified in the lease contract is reached; On the day of the end of the tenant lease period, the subject vehicle will deliver to the address of the lessor the address Kalkan Mahallesi Şehitler Caddesi no: 47 / i Kaş / ANTALYA or another address which the Lessor will notify him in writing. Rental leases will remain bound to the terms of the lease, even if the subsequent lease is not signed. The tenant acknowledges that it is criminal for the criminal law provisions to not deliver the vehicle despite the end of the contract period, and will not keep the vehicle out of the rental period. It acknowledges and agrees that it will not be able to benefit from insurance, guarantees and legal rights during the end of the rental period and / or during the use of illegal vehicles

28. When the lender wishes, the Tenant may terminate the Agreement unilaterally with a notice to the Tenant, including by way of mail, fax, SMS.

29. In the case of the use of the vehicles, the mileage limits are applied. In the case of the mileage exceeded, the amounts stated on the 1st floor will be charged.

30. The tenant declares and undertakes that he / she knows that it is the systems that provide the geographical location definition, but not limited to the vehicle tracking system, in the vehicle / leased.

31. Our Valued Customer will be delivered to your e-mail address at the end of the lease, which you have prepared at the head Office.